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!KPunk! #18 !KPunk! number eighteen is here and ready for your listening enjoyment, just in time for the holidays! Consider it an early present. Music by the Poster Children, Too Much Joy, Pipe, Pylon, X, Avail, Fucked Up, the Ruts, Lifter Puller and loads more. Plus a special Christmas carol just for you. Smooches.
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Song list for #18 1. Poster Children – Zero Stars 2. Jawbreaker – Tour Song 3. Too Much Joy – Worse 4. X – We’re Desperate 5. Pipe – Chula 6. Pylon – Cool 7. Nick Cave – Jangling Jack 8. Avail – Black and Red 9. Fucked Up – Manqueller Man 10. Ruts – Staring at the Rude Boys 11. Subways – I Want to Hear What You Have to Say 12. Lifter Puller – Secret Santa Cruz 13. ?
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