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KPunk! #45: Covers, Again It is time for another covers show and I got a smokin’ one here. You know, I never use the term “smokin’”. Ever. That’s weird that I just used it. Anyway, this covers podcast is a kick arse mix of classic rock, classic punk, and a few oddballs thrown in for good measure. 1. Some Chinese punk band – Pretty Vacant 2. Alkaline Trio – Rooftops 3. He Who Corrupts – Welcome to the Jungle 4. Get Up Kids – Suffragette City 5. Crowd – Your Generation 6. Stiff Little Fingers – No Sleep Til Belfast 7. Diabolical Exploits – Science of Myth 8. Lockjaw – The Young Ones 9. Dishes – Action Woman 10. Local H – I Just Want Something to Do 11. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Country Roads 12. Love Spit Love – How Soon is Now 13. Camper van Beethoven – Kingston Advice
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