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!KPunk! #10 !KPunk! #10: RIP Punk Planet. An episode in commemoration of the closing of Punk Planet magazine.  Featuring songs by the Pixies, Unwound, Jawbreaker, Stiff Little Fingers, GBH, The Bomb, Dramarama, and several more.  Thirteen songs for the price of lint.  Yeah buddy!
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Punk Planet RIP The wonderful, awesome, fiercely independent magazine PUNK PLANET has decided to close up shop. Words cannot express my sorrow over this loss; yet another victim in the recent blood-letting of independent media. But PUNK PLANET was special. It was extraordinary and the people there were fantastic. Read more here:
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!KPunk! #9 After weeks of waiting, !KPunk! #9 is now available. Featuring a brand spanking new song by Shellac. Plus music by the Loved Ones, the Donnas, Airbomb, Grinderman, Pere Ubu, American Steel and lots more. Cha-cha-cha!
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