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KPunk! Podcast - The Soundtrack to a Revolution on Hold
!KPunk! #27 I was on a roll with this one. I squeezed 16 kickass songs into the podcast, with room to spare. And there isn’t a dud among them. Quality from beginning to end. Don’t believe me? Well check it out: 1. Ergs! - Books about Miles Davis 2. Statues – Lining in Lines 3. Copyrights – Switchblades 4. Bellrays – Psychotic Hate Man 5. Crowd – Life’s a Pill 6. Gitogito Hustler – Muscle Body Ecstasy 7. Broadways – Everything I know about Genocide… 8. New Bruises – Hell is a Highway (connecting Tampa and Orlando) 9. Kid Dynamite – Give ‘em the Ripped One 10. None More Black – Nothing to do when You’re Locked in a Vacancy 11. Bad Brains – We will not 12. Soft Boys – Wading through a ventilator 13. Epoxies – This Day 14. Squirtgun – Mary Ann 15. Mugwumps – Monkey Face 16. Marvelous Darlings – Careerist Hey, I aim to please! xo k-
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