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KPunk! #52

KPunk! #52: Fifteen songs about random stuff. A couple of them still strike me as side-splitting goofy. How can you not still love ‘Institutionalized’ after all these years? And then there is ‘Meatball,’ a song that deserves to be a classic. Enjoy!
1.    Toys that Kill – Running the Front
2.    Gears – Baby Runaround
3.    Lemuria – Little Silver Children
4.    Sleepwall – Tennessee Sun
5.    McClusky – Collagen Rock
6.    Brickfight – I Don’t Wanna Hear a Song about Junkies Unless It’s Sung by Jeff Ott, and even then, not really
7.    Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
8.    Banner Pilot – Farewell to Iron Bastards
9.    50 Foot Wave – Bone China
10.    Tommy and the Terrors – Radioactive Radio
11.    Fleshies – Meatball
12.    Supaflies – The Shit is Going to the Dogs
13.    Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Isn’t it Nice
14.    International Impulse – Automatic Breakdown
15.    Ted Leo – Gimme the Wire

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