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!KPunk! #17 Episode #17 packs a wallop, with music by Leatherface, Silent Majority, Killing Joke, the Distillers, Criminal Damaged, the Gits, Stiff Little Fingers, and the Circle Jerks. With brand new stuff by American Steel and the Epoxies. And even more! Much more! Hot damn!
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Songlist for KPunk! #17 1.    Circle Jerks – Wild in the streets
2.    American Steel – sons of avarice
3.    Distillers – city of angels
4.    Leatherface – Don’t work
5.    American HiFi – art of losing
6.    Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
7.    Killing Joke – Another Bloody Election
8.    Epoxies – My New World
9.    Hot hot Heat – Oh, Goddamnit
10.    Criminal Damaged – On Goes the fight
11.    Silent Majority – Polar Bear Club
12.    Gits – While You’re Twisting, I’m still breathing
13.    Richard Hell – Blank Generation

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