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KPunk! Podcast - The Soundtrack to a Revolution on Hold
KPunk! #46 Starting out with one of the catchiest songs ever, this podcast is the usual eclectic mix of crunchy and smooth, sweet and bitter, pretty and ugly. All compiled for your appreciative ears. 1. Cars Can Be Blue – Sun blows up 2. Impulse International – Saturday Suzie 3. Davila 666 – El Lobo 4. Stevie Stiletto – Let’s Blow This Taco Stand 5. Grabbag – Hipster 6. Hold Steady – Constructive Summer 7. Statues – Still, There are the Ones 8. Monikers – Information 9. Real McKenzies – My Mangy Hound 10. Gallows – Staring at the Rude Boys 11. Skarpretter – Naziscum 12. Off with their heads – I am You 13. 50 Foot Wave – Vena Cava 14. Undertones – Smarter than U As for the documentary “My Life is Great: The Stevie Stiletto Story,” here is the link to the trailer:
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