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KPunk! #53

Every week I make a pie with my kids. This week it was a Key Lime Pie and it was freakin’ awesome. Just the right blend of sweetness, tartness, and spongy meringue topping. Every three weeks (or so) I make a podcast for you. This week is #53 and it is also pretty freakin’ awesome. Just the right blend of sweetness (Unlovables, Stolen Hearts, Japanther), tartness (Imperial Can, Turbonegro, Propagandhi) and spongy meringue topping (Marked Men, Stooges, Screaming Blue Messiahs). Grab a fork and dig in!

1.    Briggs – Face Off
2.    Stolen Hearts – Fire
3.    Imperial Can – Sometimes a ‘Fuck You’ is called for
4.    Turbonegro – Don’t Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker
5.    Shark Pants – Water Gun
6.    Arm the Poor – 1476 Pennsylvania Ave
7.    Unlovables – I’ve Cried 4 U
8.    Young Offenders – Saints
9.    Propagandhi – The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist
10.    None More Black – Never Heard of Corduroy
11.    Black Fork – Silicone Wet Nurse
12.    Smalltown – Radio Radio
13.    Marked Men – Ditch
14.    Stooges – Search and Destroy
15.    Japanther – Um Like Your Smile is Totally Ruling Me
16.    Screaming Blue Messiahs – Sweet Water Pools

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