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!KPunk! #20 KPunk! #20 has fifteen kick-ass songs to keep your heart racing, featuring the Bellrays, Dear Landlord, Descendents, Grab Bag, Off with their Heads, Muffs, Intelligence, Sloppy Seconds, Skarpretter, Naked Raygun, Gang of Four, Propagandhi, and an excusive live track by Stevie Stiletto. What a feast.
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Song list for #20 1. Bellrays – Hole in the world 2. Dear Landlord – Crashing 3. Descendents – Everything Sux 4. Stevie Stiletto – My Life is Great 5. Intelligence – New Kings and Queens of Music History 6. Mannequin Men – Mattress 7. Muffs – Right in the eye 8. Alkaline Trio – Private Eye 9. Grab Bag – Republicrack T-Shirt Revolution 10. Skarpretter – Ammunition 11. Off with their heads – Four the Floor 12. Gang of Four – To Hell with Poverty 2005 13. Naked Raygun – I Don’t Know 14. Sloppy Seconds – So Fucked Up 15. Propagandhi –Halle Sellasse, Up Your Ass
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