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KPunk! #98: In Memory of Ray McKelvey aka Stevie Ray Stiletto

A few days ago, my friend Ray McKelvey (aka Stevie Ray Stiletto) passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Fuck you cancer. In this podcast I play some of my favorite Stevie Stiletto songs from across his 30+ year career. I hope you enjoy it.

1.    Blacken Out the Windows
2.    I Loved You Madly/American Asshole
3.    Switchblades
4.    Girls Like You   
5.    Nothing Ever Happens
6.    A.O.T.   
7.    Taco Stand
8.    Food for Flies
9.    My Club
10.    Success
11.    Hardcore Cafe
12.    Going to the Beach
13.    Back in Arms
14.    To Carol
15.    Walk/Pest
16.    Lucy
17.    What?   
18.    This is America
19.    Brazil   
20.    Pissing in My Bed   
21.    I Quit
22.    Greyhound Station

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