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!KPunk! #4 Hey Kids! Number four is now ready for your listening pleasure. With a brand spanking new Ted Leo release, as well goodies by Bouncing Souls, A New Found Glory, Pixies, Jawbreaker, Gang of Four, Big D and the Kids Table, and many more. Plus, a special guest steals the show.
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Skiffington Update On !KPunk! #3, I played "Fucking Like Bunnies" by Skiffington. I've just found out that Skiffington has recently changed their name to control-r (check 'em out here: And I also learned that they have a video for "Fucking Like Bunnies" which you should definitely take a gander at (right here:
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!KPunk! #3 Three, that's the magic number. !KPunk! podcast number three is now available. Lots of yummy stuff, like The Muffs, Rise Against, The Slits, Rancid, Minutemen, Go National, Skiffington (your new favorite band) and many, many more. Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy!
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!KPunk! #2 Recorded from a hotel room in Chicago, it's an all-Chicago (the city, not the musical) themed podcast. Featuring songs by Naked Raygun, Big Black, New Black, Pegboy, Jesus Lizard, the Mekons, Seam, and many more. Plus commentary by k-, talking about his meetings with Steve Albini, Jeff Pezzati, and Anne Elizabeth Moore. 45 minutes of healthy, fiber-filled goodness.
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