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!KPunk! #26 !KPunk! #26: Damn, this is a good show. Here is the songlist - Teenage Bottlerocket - Blood bath at Burger King; Evaporators - Gassy Jack; Marvelous Darlings - I Don't Wanna Go to the Party; Ramrod - Junk Rock; Copyrights - Planet Earth 1994; Shorebirds - DOA; Replacements - I'm in Trouble; Fear - Let's Have a War; Awesome Color - Already Down; Lemuria - Pants; Archers of Loaf - Wrong; Alice Donut - Mother of Christ; Riff Randells - Traitor of the Heart; At the Drive-in - Alpha Centuri; Poster Children - 21st Century. What a feast!!
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!KPunk! #25: The Revenge of the Covers !KPunk! #25 is here and it is the return of the covers show. We’ve got Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Alice Donut, DOA, SNFU,Big D & the Kids Table, J Church, Donnas, Lifetime, Assorted Jelly Beans, Dwarves, Riff Randells, J. Page, Get Up Kids, Ciccone Youth, and the Last Hard Men covering songs originally done by the Beatles, AC/DC, Vandals, Replacements, Black Sabbath, Billy Bragg, the Cure, Devo, CCR, Madonna, and many more. Boy howdy!
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Song list for #25 1. Me First & the Gimme gimmes – My Favorite Things 2. Alice Donut – War Pigs 3. DOA – Fortunate Son 4. SNFU – Uncontrollable Urge 5. Big D & the Kids Table – Sound System 6. J Church – Last of the Famous International Playboys 7. Donnas – Drive My Car 8. Lifetime – New England 9. Assorted Jelly Beans – Legend of Pat Brown 10. Dwarves – That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll 11. Riff Randells – Bandana 12. J. Page – Left of the Dial 13. Get Up Kids – Close to Me 14. Ciccone Youth – Into the Groovey 15. Last Hard Men – TNT
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