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KPunk! Podcast - The Soundtrack to a Revolution on Hold
KPunk! #49 KPunk #49. Have I really done 49 of these things? Buddha’s saggy boobs, that is a lot. Hope you like this one. 1. Dear Landlord – I Live in Hell 2. Lawrence Arms – Demons 3. Teenage Bottlerocket – Not OK 4. Something Fierce – Better Off Without You 5. Stolen Hearts – Heart Collector 6. Giant Haystacks – The War at Home 7. Methadones – Bottom Out 8. Riverboat Gamblers – Pilgrims in an Unholy Land 9. Pennywise – My God 10. Monorchid – X Marks the Spot 11. Chixdiggit! – My Dad vs. PM 12. None More Black – Banned from Teen Arts 13. Busy Signals – Ring Ring Ring 14. Albert Square – Lion’s Roar (I used a different encoding setting on this one, so let me know if there are any problems downloading it or with the audio quality. Thanks)
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