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!KPunk! #19 New year, new podcast, featuring fifteen bands that haven't been played on this podcast before. Bands like the Busy Signals, Thought Criminals, Mannequin Men, This is my Fist, X-Ray Spex, the Dead Kennedys, and many more. So happy holidays and happy listening.
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Song list for #19 1. Busy signals – Plastic Girl 2. Thought Criminals – More suicides please 3. Mannequin Men – We are free 4. Cosmic Psychos – Dead in a ditch 5. Fatal Flying Guilloteens – Charts 6. This is my fist – You sank my battleship 7. Suicidal supermarket trolleys – Beer 8. Hard Feelings – Vietnam 9. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction 10. Thermals – Goddamn the Light 11. Meat Puppet – Lake of Fire 12. Death from Above 1979 – Blood on our hands 13. X-Ray Spex – The day the world turned day-glo 14. Filthy Thieving Bastards – Phony drunken poets 15. Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
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!KPunk! #18 !KPunk! number eighteen is here and ready for your listening enjoyment, just in time for the holidays! Consider it an early present. Music by the Poster Children, Too Much Joy, Pipe, Pylon, X, Avail, Fucked Up, the Ruts, Lifter Puller and loads more. Plus a special Christmas carol just for you. Smooches.
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Song list for #18 1. Poster Children – Zero Stars 2. Jawbreaker – Tour Song 3. Too Much Joy – Worse 4. X – We’re Desperate 5. Pipe – Chula 6. Pylon – Cool 7. Nick Cave – Jangling Jack 8. Avail – Black and Red 9. Fucked Up – Manqueller Man 10. Ruts – Staring at the Rude Boys 11. Subways – I Want to Hear What You Have to Say 12. Lifter Puller – Secret Santa Cruz 13. ?
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!KPunk! #17 Episode #17 packs a wallop, with music by Leatherface, Silent Majority, Killing Joke, the Distillers, Criminal Damaged, the Gits, Stiff Little Fingers, and the Circle Jerks. With brand new stuff by American Steel and the Epoxies. And even more! Much more! Hot damn!
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Songlist for KPunk! #17 1.    Circle Jerks – Wild in the streets
2.    American Steel – sons of avarice
3.    Distillers – city of angels
4.    Leatherface – Don’t work
5.    American HiFi – art of losing
6.    Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
7.    Killing Joke – Another Bloody Election
8.    Epoxies – My New World
9.    Hot hot Heat – Oh, Goddamnit
10.    Criminal Damaged – On Goes the fight
11.    Silent Majority – Polar Bear Club
12.    Gits – While You’re Twisting, I’m still breathing
13.    Richard Hell – Blank Generation

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!KPunk! #16 Possibly the best podcast yet, he says modestly. Music by Skarpretter, the Loved Ones, 1990s, the Blue Hearts, Limp Wrist, the Soviettes, J Church, Les Savy Fav, the Subhumans, the Intelligence, Metroschifter, and MANY more! Plus, a pesky fruit fly! For a complete song list, check out the ‘blogpage’ at Damn fruit flies!
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Song list for #16 1. Skarpretter – Anti- 2. Loved Ones – Jane 3. 1990s – See you at the lights 4. Blue Hearts – Linda Linda 5. None More Black – You suck but your peanut butter is OK 6. Limp Wrist – Just like you 7. Soviettes – Multiply and Divide 8. Operation Ivy – Officer 9. J Church – November 10. Swingin Utters – Pills Smoke 11. Les Savy Fav – Rage in the Plague Age 12. Subhumans – Religious wars 13. Intelligence – The World is a Drag 14. Metroschifter – Actress-Ink and Dagger 15. Mclusky- Fuck this band
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!KPunk! #15: The Return of Covers Another show of cover songs, featuring Man Without Plan, the Slits, the Muffs, the Minutemen, Joe Strummer, Get Up Kids, J Church, Gang Green, Bouncing Souls, and lots more, including brand new Black Francis.   Dig in!
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!KPunk! #14 We got the Flatliners, None More Black, Team Dresch, Smart Went Crazy, Stylex, The Robocop Krauss, Gray Matter, The Monorchid, Against Me!, Peachfuzz, and Frenzal Rhomb.  What else do you need?  Some Shellac?  OK, we got that too.  Feast yourselves.
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KPunk! #13 It's the post-puking vacation podcast. With music by J Church, Lifetime, Sparklehorse, Denali, Authority Zero, Bear vs. Shark, Hüsker Dü, the Replacements, Pogues, Ted Leo, the Hold Steady, Alkaline Trio, and Stevie Stiletto. Go!
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!Kpunk! #12 !KPunk! #12 awaits. Music by the Toilet Boys, Mclusky, Guided by Voices, Barkmarket, Tilt, the Donnas, Former Cell Mate, the King of Nuthing, and many more-- including the only decent songs off the new Bad Brains' album. Everybody together now: wo-oh-oh-oh-wo-wo-wo!
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!KPunk! #11 !KPunk! #11: A Fourth of July special kinda thingy. Featuring the Descendents, Pennywise, Billy Bragg, Sonic Youth, Gossip, The Exploited, Cock Sparrer, and many more -- including (consider this a warning!) Morrissey. Also, the brief return of a previous special guest. All for your listening pleasure.
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!KPunk! #10 !KPunk! #10: RIP Punk Planet. An episode in commemoration of the closing of Punk Planet magazine.  Featuring songs by the Pixies, Unwound, Jawbreaker, Stiff Little Fingers, GBH, The Bomb, Dramarama, and several more.  Thirteen songs for the price of lint.  Yeah buddy!
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Punk Planet RIP The wonderful, awesome, fiercely independent magazine PUNK PLANET has decided to close up shop. Words cannot express my sorrow over this loss; yet another victim in the recent blood-letting of independent media. But PUNK PLANET was special. It was extraordinary and the people there were fantastic. Read more here:
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!KPunk! #9 After weeks of waiting, !KPunk! #9 is now available. Featuring a brand spanking new song by Shellac. Plus music by the Loved Ones, the Donnas, Airbomb, Grinderman, Pere Ubu, American Steel and lots more. Cha-cha-cha!
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!KPunk! #8 !KPunk! #8: Might as well have been called the ADD episode. Good wholesome fun featuring the Queers, Measure (SA), Avail, Descendents, Soviettes, Jawbox, Lagwagon, Skiffington/control_r, NoFX and many many more.
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!KPunk! #7 An eclectic mix of fiber-filled goodness featuring The Lawrence Arms, Bad Brains, Land of Talk, Radio Birdman, The Cops, The Damned, Throw Rag, Jawbreaker, Strung Out, and a whole lot more. Enjoy! I said Enjoy, damnit!
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!KPunk! #6: The Covers Show It's an all covers podcast for !KPunk! #6. Clever covers by All, Jawbreaker, Lagwagon, Face to Face, Nina Gordon, Avail, Love of Diagrams and many many more. Fifteen songs in 45 minutes, all through the clever use of mirrors! Enjoy.
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!KPunk! #5 Boy howdy, here is !KPunk! #5! Featuring songs by Bad Religion, At The Drive-In, Swingin' Utters, Sleater-Kinney, Lungfish, Operation Ivy, Lyapis Trubetskoy (trust me!), and many more. So what are you waiting for? Dig in!
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!KPunk! #4 Hey Kids! Number four is now ready for your listening pleasure. With a brand spanking new Ted Leo release, as well goodies by Bouncing Souls, A New Found Glory, Pixies, Jawbreaker, Gang of Four, Big D and the Kids Table, and many more. Plus, a special guest steals the show.
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Skiffington Update On !KPunk! #3, I played "Fucking Like Bunnies" by Skiffington. I've just found out that Skiffington has recently changed their name to control-r (check 'em out here: And I also learned that they have a video for "Fucking Like Bunnies" which you should definitely take a gander at (right here:
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!KPunk! #3 Three, that's the magic number. !KPunk! podcast number three is now available. Lots of yummy stuff, like The Muffs, Rise Against, The Slits, Rancid, Minutemen, Go National, Skiffington (your new favorite band) and many, many more. Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy!
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!KPunk! #2 Recorded from a hotel room in Chicago, it's an all-Chicago (the city, not the musical) themed podcast. Featuring songs by Naked Raygun, Big Black, New Black, Pegboy, Jesus Lizard, the Mekons, Seam, and many more. Plus commentary by k-, talking about his meetings with Steve Albini, Jeff Pezzati, and Anne Elizabeth Moore. 45 minutes of healthy, fiber-filled goodness.
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Welcome! Welcome! !KPunk! podcast #1 is now available. Future podcasts will follow every 2-3 weeks or so. Enjoy!
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!KPunk! #1 The first !KPunk! podcast, posted 24 February 2007. Includes music by Against Me, NoFX, the Clash, the Epoxies, Ted Leo, Bad Brains, Dwarves, Stevie Stiletto, Fugazi, and a whole lot more. Dig in, it's good for you.
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