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KPunk! Podcast - The Soundtrack to a Revolution on Hold
!KPunk! #19 New year, new podcast, featuring fifteen bands that haven't been played on this podcast before. Bands like the Busy Signals, Thought Criminals, Mannequin Men, This is my Fist, X-Ray Spex, the Dead Kennedys, and many more. So happy holidays and happy listening.
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Song list for #19 1. Busy signals – Plastic Girl 2. Thought Criminals – More suicides please 3. Mannequin Men – We are free 4. Cosmic Psychos – Dead in a ditch 5. Fatal Flying Guilloteens – Charts 6. This is my fist – You sank my battleship 7. Suicidal supermarket trolleys – Beer 8. Hard Feelings – Vietnam 9. Count Five – Psychotic Reaction 10. Thermals – Goddamn the Light 11. Meat Puppet – Lake of Fire 12. Death from Above 1979 – Blood on our hands 13. X-Ray Spex – The day the world turned day-glo 14. Filthy Thieving Bastards – Phony drunken poets 15. Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
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