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KPunk! Podcast - The Soundtrack to a Revolution on Hold

A kick ass podcast, if I may say so myself. How can you go wrong with Norway’s own Refused? I kid, I kid. All you Swedes back the hell down. Everybody knows you bring the punk harder than any other Scandinavian country. Much respect. What? Oh yeah, the podcast. I also give love to some DIY record labels. Anyway, it’s a kick ass show. Mikey even said so.

1.    Jawbreaker – Rich
2.    Benwahs – In My Head
3.    Cheap Girls – Hey Hey, I’m Worn Out
4.    Rational Anthem – Of Kids Left in Cars With Windows Up
5.    Luck of the Draw – Drinking Gasoline
6.    Shang-a-Lang – A Letter to my Critics
7.    Ergs – Kind of Like Smitten
8.    Faintest Ideas – Criminals
9.    Splints – Baby Took My Heart Out
10.    Bad Brains – Let Me Help
11.    Full of Fancy – Mikey Says
12.    Jammy Dodgers – Too Many People Not Enough Hearts
13.    Marked Men – Ghosts
14.    Refused – Summerholidays vs Punkroutine
15.    Sakes Alive! – Your Money’s No Good Here
16.    Beautiful Mothers – Cold Sweat

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