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KPunk! #42 Hoo boy, 14 songs to get your blood flowing and feet moving. Including one song about Michael Jackson, one song about patriarchy in the hardcore scene, and one song about eating shit and enjoying it. And one song in Spanish that could be about how stinky my feet are, for all I know. 1. Grabass Charlestons – Un-American 2. NoName – Smash Everything 3. Saints – This Perfect Day 4. New York Dolls – Jet Boy 5. Down and Away – Black & White 6. Coathangers – Shake shake 7. Beauty Pill – You, Yes You 8. Calimoxte – Pensamos Diferente 9. ICH – Another Song About Eating Shit and Enjoying It 10. Stressface – Wash the Blade 11. Latterman – The Biggest Sausage party Ever 12. Thee Headcoatees – Punk Girl 13. Stevie Stiletto – Greyhound Station 14. Rakes – Retreat. Crank it.
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