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KPunk! Podcast - The Soundtrack to a Revolution on Hold
KPunk! #35: The Covers Strike Back Another covers episode chock full of quality stuff. Elton John, The Sweet, Split Endz, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones all get their due. Check it out: 1. Get Up Kids – Alec Eiffel 2. UK Subs – She’s Not There 3. Hot Water Music – Radio 4. Alkaline Trio – Heaven 5. Leatherface – Candle in the Wind 6. Material Issue – Little Willy 7. Ted Leo – Six Months in a Leaky Boat 8. Joan Jett – Crimson and Clover 9. Camper Van Beethoven – Pictures of Matchstick Men 10. Replacements – Black Diamond 11. Guitar Gangsters – Mother’s Little Helper 12. Veterans – Be True to Your School 13. Pavement – The Killing Moon. Ready, set, go!
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